Sunday, November 25, 2007

The last week

The details below actually relate to the week beginning 26 Nov.

We've been sooo this last week. Too busy to blog daily so here's a quick rundown.

We had our usual day in town on Tuesday which was hot and crowded.
When we got to the pool, it was super busy much to our disappointment. We are just too used to having it to ourselves, and after 20 minutes we'd (I'd) had enough.

We had quite a list of errands including the supermarket (which we do last), but by the time we had finished the second-to-last on the list I was completely exhausted. So we flagged it and just stoppped at Gull for a hot chook and buns on the way home. Yum!!

We went to our new organic vege supplier to collect our Kai box of fruit and veges and were very pleased. I should have taken a photo of it before I put it all away (next week I will)......we got rhubarb, strawberries, onions, broccoli, salad greens, a pumpkin, carrots & tangelos (a whole weeks worth for $20). The berries look gorgeous and I can't wait to try them!
The owners had 13 new Kune Kune (sp?) piglets that were just so cute.

The delayed supermarket visit was next and was not too bad as I only had DS8. DH stayed in the car and had a sleep as we found an awesome shady carpark.

I bought more vege seedlings - beetroot, leeks, spring onions and a watermelon. Not sure if the melon can/will grow where we are, but I'll give it a go! : )

My garden is growing beautifully and I'm really getting into it. It has been so hot that I have had to keep them shaded nearly all day and also water (very sparingly) twice a day.

On Sunday our local water supply took a real hammering and we are threatened with running out if we don't conserve it more so we are saving all kitchen water for the garden and sharing baths.

DH and I have talked about collecting rainwater off the roof which could be stored in 10 litre containers and used for drinking IF necessary.

The kids and I biked around to a friend's for a visit and a play with their two (ds8 & dd6) which was lovely and relaxing.

When we got home I carved up the huge roast mutton that had been cooking slowly for 5 hours. It was absolutely delicious and we shared it with my parents.

A nice quiet day today. DS helped my Dad put up a new letterbox for my sister and had a great time. DD stayed with my Mum most of the day and they also had a really good time together.
I had a lovely snooze and then DS and went for a bike ride.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

For her birthday Dd10 got a neat sewing kit with some ready-to-go felt animals.
The first one she chose was a very cute cat. At first she was lacking in confidence and getting frustrated that she couldn't do it exactly like the picture on the box, but after I told her that it was her creation and it could look however she wanted, she was much better.

She worked out how to do different stitches for each part and was showing me and explaining really clearly her reasons etc. It was beautiful to see her confidence bloom! : )

The finished product. And one proud little girl.

She's done a few more since the first one......and all without the instructions which were (un)fortunately lost! (After a day of searching, she announced "I'm just going to do it without them!") And she did, and she did it her way!! I'll put some pics up a bit later. They are awesome.

She has also inspired her brother who has found his own little sewing project and they both sit happily in bed for ages at night working away.

DD10s other big passion at the moment is her new baby doll that she bought with birthday money. It's not quite a Baby Alive, but it does cry and has a dummy which stops it crying (You can see it sitting on the bed in the first photo). She is a devoted Mum and takes baby everywhere. (Nice to see she is insistent on buckling her in during car rides...real and imaginary)

Yesterday we went through the dolls clothes bag and found lots that will fit her so we emptied out a drawer and DD10 managed to get everything she needs for her baby in. Isn't it all beautifully folded? : )

Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthdays and sunsets

Text to follow tomorrow as I'm just too tired!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My baby girl is 10 today!!!

DD10 opening her MP3 player. Super excited child!

While she was visiting next door, I put up some decorations and balloons and we had a table loaded with birthday goodies.

This is the first pic of our brand new 10 year old moments after she woke up (at 6.15). I can't believe she's 10.
I woke up at about 2.45am and remembered back 10 years ago. It was lovely to lie in bed and reminisce.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday at home

Yesterday was pretty busy what with going into town and getting home late, so I think a nice quiet day at home is just what we all need.

DH showed me how to start and use the weedeater which was lots of fun but really hard on my arms. It looked fantastic where I had done some. Can't wait to have another go but I'll have to sort out some kind of harness to take the weight off my arms.

Since we wont know where to put a vege garden until the new shed is up, we've decided to put our tomatoes in pots. DH and I planted them all out this afternoon. We had a cool time doing it together.

Next time we're in town, we'll have to lots of gardening supplies. Yah.....retail therapy with a purpose!! LOL

DD9 playing PS2.

DD9 was putting away the grocerires for me and I caught these two waiting in line to be put away.

DS8 playing PS2. Funny....he's in his pjs!! : )

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mown grass fun and packet cakes (love em)!

Two puffed kids after chasing each other around the exercise track on their bikes.
We had two packet cakes in the cupboard so Darcy made chocolate chip muffins. Man were they yummy!
Hannah made an orange cake, also very tasty. It was meant to be iced but it's really yummy on it's own.

I mowed an 'exercise track' (Darcy's name for it) just before I finished for the day and the kids had a great time running and biking around it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm quite sure we don't have any pets?!

We are having an evening with just the three of us as DH has gone to stay in town for a few nights to break the boredom. The kids wondered whether they could have a late night and I said they could stay up real late with me if they wanted. (DS8 has issues about being alone in any room so does not stay up on his own.)

Kids decided they would be animals for the evening. Can you guess who was what animal? lol

They love having food and water on the floor. Later on the had bacon pieces on a plate on the floor.

DS8 found a great kennel for them. lol
As I finish this up, DS8 is watching Lilo & Stitch on Sky in the lounge with me and DD9 is in my room watching a special weddings edition of Home & Away that she found at the video store today. She's a real wedding buff like me, except she doesn't cry at them. It's true, I cry at all weddings - even tv weddings! : )

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The doctors surgery

The kids decided to play doctors tonight and set up a neat office and examination room. DD9 made up a whole lot of forms and an appointment book and they both took turns ringing each other and making appointments. DH was also involved (obviously, as he is a REAL patient at the moment) and lots of fun was had.

Just noticed that in most of the photos posted, one or more of the kids are in their pjs. I think that's neat. ; ) Tomorrow we might see if we can print out some kind of forms or booking sheets (just love MS Office!!). I also suggested they might like to play banks and could have deposit forms etc.
The last time they played a game like this, it was shops and they had all the tinned stuff out. They played out under the carport with an old ironing board for the counter and all our monopoly money. I found some small stickers and they priced all their goods. It was cool.
I remember playing shops with my sisters in Mum's pantry when I was little and having so much fun.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Guy Fawkes night

Well the rain held off long enough for us to go outside and let off some crackers. The kids had a fantastic time and were literally squealing with delight.
We had two boxes and one was a Sparkler special which had long ones in it.

Some of the ones we let off were quite noisy and we were a bit worried about the horses across the road, but they didn't last long and the horses were freaking out more about the milk tanker anyway.
Next time we take photos like this we'll try changing the shutter speed and see how they look. I think they look pretty fantastic but it's neat fun trying different stuff with the camera. It's got heaps of settings that we haven't tried yet. As I type DH is reading the instruction manual for it. Yah DH!!

Unfortunately I got a nasty headache from smoke from the crackers and/or the kids screaming with joy. A couple of Panadol and a long hot shower helped and as soon as I post this (mere moments), I'm off to bed. : )

I love country life

Today we visited with some friends who also live quite rurally and I took the chance to get some shots of the locals. Unfortunately they were quite shy but I persisted and managed to get a couple.

My friend likes growing roses and this is the first flower from a newly moved plant. (more practising close up shots)

I'm a big cat lover and I was quite miffed when I couldn't get this one's attention long enough (at all actually) to get a decent photo.

I didn't get any pics of my two cos they were catching up with my friend's kids (both boys - 13 & 15) so I left them to their PSing and I had a lovely gasbag with my friend.

Went to town after to get some groceries and ended up getting 2 boxes of fireworks. Haven't bought any for years and the kids are mega-excited so will photos will be good. : )

Friday, November 02, 2007

The amazing forest desert.

My two nieces (6 and 5) were having dinner with us and this is what the younger one did when she had finished eating.

I cut the carrots up for her and then let her go for it. She was most impressed to see her creation on the computer. : )