Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Definitely time for an update!

Well it's taken me a good half an hour to find this blog again......and I"m sure I had the same problem in January when I posted last! Must make sure I remember my log in details.  : )

Things have been super chaotic since my last post.......Hannah started correspondence school and it's been a hard slog dealing with that as well as trying to manage her diabetes and epilepsy. She's also lucky enough to have started a great part time job and this is giving her some lovely pocket money. She turned 16 last week and we have had some challenging teenage moments recently.  

Darcy started Year 9 at the beginning of the year and is doing really well. His 14th birthday was last month. He has some great mates and is enjoying high school heaps. He thinks he might like to be a scientist as he loves science and maths (and is doing really well in both classes) but he's also fantastic at digital technology so that might lead somewhere as well.

Leon will be turning 5 in early January and at this stage I am very keen to home school him. He attends a local early learning centre 5 days a week and just loves it. He always comes home wet, dirty (messy means fun in my book) tired and usually face painted! I do miss him during the day and I'm looking forward to be at home with home next year.

As for me, my arthritis is still trying to beat me (and nearly does some days), but I'm feeling stronger and more able to deal with it most of the time. I lost heaps of weight earlier in the year due to all the nasty drugs I was on but I decided to have a rest from them while I put on some more weight. It's hard tho and I'm struggling to get over 50kgs. My nutritionist has put me on a high fat diet and I have a special supplement drink that I call my formula. It's yummy thank goodness.

I'll try and find some recent photos but these days I use my phone and then don't upload the pics. Easy enough to do but that means finding the cord.  lol

Leon got a big box of clothes from my sister's friend and was very excited to find these stripey ones.....including the glocks.