Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween party

DD, DS and I went to the Halloween party with Auntie and cousin. The kids had heaps of fun playing with friends and scoffing lots of lollies, hot chips and sausages. I even dressed up but unfortunately didn't think to get a photo of myself.
DS went as a demon.

And DD went as a rock chick princess type.

Next year we will get a bit more sorted with our decorations. We love Christmas decorations, so it'll be cool to have another excuse to buy a heap of crepe paper!!

Kids played Singstar and Sims on PS2 late (as I type this). Sims game is cool....I might have a wee play later! lol They also played on Neopets, that's a very cool site too. Possibly have to get one myself cos they look like fun.

Our Tuesday

Today we all went into town for groceries and other weekly errands.
DS8 asked if they could get their allowance a couple of days early cos they wanted to get some stuff for Halloween. It was a very enjoyable day and we all found some great bargains.

We went to Savemart and DD9 found this beautiful dress for only $4.99.

We also went to the library which we haven't been to for about 2 months.
DH wanted to get something else to read, and I had to let them know about another lost book. I chose heaps of new books for the kids. DS was too interested in the PC and DD was pushing DH around in a wheelchair but that's cool cos I love picking out kid's books.
DH was happy with his choice. : )

We also went to Dollar Star and DS spent some of his allowance on some cool stuff. Gee I love that shop.

I got some more neat trays for meals and kids projects.
We also visited our friendly Video Ezy - love the staff there, the kids think they are great and they always spend time chatting to us.
We didn't get anything for Halloween in the end - I'll have to find something around the house to jazz up what we already have.
There's a party for the kids at our local hall tomorrow which should be fun.
Better go and sort something now or else it'll be panic and rush tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The orange cast!

This is DH's second cast that was put on last week. The first one was plaster and this one and further ones (they will change it fortnightly) are fibreglass.
The kids chose the colour for him. I wonder what colour they will pick next week. : )

Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy sunny days

The last few days have been really sunny and I've been doing what many others around the country have been doing - mowing grass.
This is most unusual for me as in all my 38 years I have never mown!
This was due to my arthritis but, as I seem to be having a bit of a remission (dare I actually say it - hope I don't jinx it!), and my DH is laid up with ruptured Achilles, I/we thought that I could give it a go.
Well, I really love it. We have a huge lawn (not in the slightest bit flat either) and it has only had one spring cut so far so it's pretty long in places.
I intend to do some each day so I can keep on top of it while DH is out of action and so far I've done some on Saturday, Sunday and today. No pain bar a tiny tender spot on the ball of my thumb where I was really pushing against the push bar thing (what do you call it anyway?).
I'm looking forward to doing more tomorrow cos it looks really nice out there now and I want to finish it.....which of course I never will because when I think it's done, I'll have to start all over again. LOL
I'll wait til I've done a bit more before I take any photos so it looks real good.

Well, not much about the kids today. They played with school friends (6 year old girl & 8 year old boy) after school today while the Mum and I (who are good friends) sat in the sun and chatted for an hour or so. It was lovely and the kids played really well together.
As I type this DD9 is in her room watching a DVD of Scrubs (she loves this show), DS8 is watching Angry Beavers on Nick and DH has just hobbled out on his crutches and kindly finished making my cup of tea for me.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More playdough.

Pita bread a la DS8. We could have a baker in the family.

Cornflour and playdough fun!

We have been having heaps of fun lately playing with cornflour and water and playdough. They started with playdough but then we ran out of regular flour so they switched to cornflour and water gloop. We added some food colouring and different glitters and they played with it for HOURS.

After a trip to the supermarket to stock up on flour, they have now gone back to playdough. The lounge looks like a bakery!

They are getting more and more creative with the things they are making. DH and I are amazed at how long it has been keeping them occupied.

I have promised them tomorrow we can make some real dough so they can bake and then eat their creations.