Saturday, May 24, 2008

Second rugby game and first win!!

Today Darcy had his second game of rugby and they played fantastically. I literally didn't have a spare second to take a photo as they kept scoring try after try. This season they are scoring properly with 5 points per try (they don't convert yet) so the final score was an amazing 80-10 with Darcy getting 8 of their 16 tries! What a little star! I was so proud.
He had so much fun telling family and friends.
I'll have to really try (ha ha) to get some photos next week.
Darcy had his first rugby game of the season last Saturday but I was so busy keeping score (I'm Team Manager) that I only managed to get one photo of them warming up.

On Sunday we went to an Open Day at our local Fire Station and DH had a go with the special equipment they use when they attend car accidents.

They showed what happens when a pot of oil is left on the stove. After showing us what to do to put it out, they showed us what NOT to do by poring some water on it. It was amazing and everyone was shocked especially the kids. We could feel the extreme heat from behind the safety barrier.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A day at the pool.

We had a lovely afternoon at the pool yesterday. A whole lot of homeschoolers were there having swimming lessons so the kids were able to catch up with some kids they had met before.

It was a gorgeous day and the kids went back and forth between the outdoor pool and the warmer indoor one.

DD10 and DH had a good look at some pregnancy books together. They are looking at the differences between identical and fraternal twins.

Monday, May 12, 2008

We're having another baby!!

We just found out last week that I'm pregnant!
Pretty exciting and scary - mostly exciting but as I'm no spring chicken (39 last month) it's a little scary.
I have a doctors appointment today which I'm really looking forward to.

The kids are absolutely rapt especially DD10. She's going to be my big helper and keeps talking about all the things she will be able to do for me.
That will be such a change from when I had them (8 & 10 years ago) as I did an awful lot of it on my own.

At this early stage I don't want to go on too much, but I'm looking forward to getting past that 12 week stage and then we can start to shop!! LOL

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Out for dinner

It was my Dad's birthday yesterday and the whole family (8 adults & 5 kids) went out for dinner at an Irish pub. I think it was the first time ever that we've all been out to a restaurant so it was a very special occasion.
The meals were huge and yummy but unfortunately I was feeling very nauseous and so I only had a couple of bites of garlic bread and a ginger beer.
Afterwards we went next door to a Gelato shop and had dessert there.

It was a great night and the kids had a blast.