Friday, January 10, 2014

January 6 2014. I lost my first tooth!

Woohoo I lost my first tooth. The tooth fairy left two $2 coins. Mum says that's because it's my first tooth. I'm going to put it in my new money tin and save it for my tablet. I

December 31 2013, Christmas tree time!

This is our gorgeous tree. Grown by family and it smells divine. Leon did most of the decorating with Dad doing the higher stuff. There are still 2 boxes of decorations left, but this is how the boys did it so it I think we'll just leave it.    : )

January 4 2014, Birthday sandpit.

Leon was super excited to 'unwrap' his sandpit. 
And the Tonka dump truck.
He's been watching Dad build it for the last few days thinking it was a raised garden for me.   : )) the bro some love.

Fun in the sandpit with Darcy.

January 3 2014, Last day of daycare.

Leon got the most beautiful skirt (it has rose petals in it!) for Christmas from his aunty and was allowed to wear it on his last day of daycare. He loves his earrings too that he designed.
I was most impressed when I got to daycare to pick him up, and he had changed into shorts to play outside in. : )
The kids had a lovely cake, goody bags and cupcakes. 

Leon did not seem sad at all to be leaving. He has been looking forward to this day for weeks saying excitedly"and then I'll be staying home forever". So cute.
A couple of weeks ago I asked him what he would tell people when they ask what homeschoolers do and he immediately came up with nearly a dozen ideas on his own in about a minute. He's very enthusiastic about home schooling which is just awesome.

January 2 2014, Leon's 5th birthday

Leon's birthday was lots of fun. We added some extra Christmas decorations to the lounge and put his presents under the tree so it was like another Christmas day for him. 

He got another play-dough set and was straight into it making gorgeous desserts.

He insists on wearing his new merino skivvy even tho it's really warm. He does love stripes. : )

January 7 2014, My garden

My garden patio area after a good weed. It was lovely to get outside for a while. I was able to stay in the shade the whole time which was gorgeous.

My tomatoes are ripening beautifully in this weather. I think I'll be tasting the first one very soon.

This is a yellow one.