Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whoa.........time for an update I think!!!

Gawd, I can hardly believe it's been so long since I last put something here!

Things have been like never before in our household. There is a whole lot more playstation, tv and pc happening and a whole lot less fuss about bed times, food and household chores.
Most importantly, it has been a time of deschooling, contemplating, reassessing and LOTS of learning for me.

The kids are certainly enjoying less limits on previously restricted things. We have become well known at our local video rental shop!

Hannah has been doing lots of baking and is very capable at reading recipes and doubling quantities when needed. She also loves helping me with dinner and recently has started tidying the kitchen and washing dishes when I'm out, as a surprise. Yeehaa!!!
The other day she discovered YouTube and really enjoys looking at some of her favourite songs. In fact we both like looking together. What a time waster! lol DH also just discovered it so we will definitely be using all our 5GB this month!!

Darcy is SO enjoying the new PS2, although is still a big cartoon fan. I am becoming VERY knowledgeable about all his favourite games. The look on his face when he has my undivided attention for an entire spiel about Ben 10 is just priceless. Talk about feeling connected with him!!!
The rugby season is just about over - one game left this Saturday and then the final. So far our team is unbeaten so this week will be a big game. Darcy is playing so well and really enjoying it.
I shall have to put up some recent photos soon.

I've been thinking about some kind of online group for local unschoolers, but I actually have no idea how many unschoolers there are around here. If I keep this blog active I may have a better chance of finding more so a huge effort will be needed to post regularly. *bwg*