Friday, August 22, 2008

Long overdue update

Last month Hannah and I went to the OpShop concert that was here in Rotorua. We had been waiting for it for over a month and were really, really looking forward to it. I was 15 weeks preggy then - although you can hardly see my bump!!

After the concert we lined up for autographs and we were able to get a photo of Hannah and the lovely Jason together. It's taken with my phone so it's not that clear, but still an awesome memento. I told the band that it was Hannah's first concert and they were really neat about it. They all signed a big poster that one of the advertising people gave her which was a huge bonus as they weren't giving them to anyone else. (Later that week we got it laminated and it now holds prized position above her bed.)
We both had the BEST time and can't wait for the summer concert season so we can go see them again.