Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My beautiful kids - photo update.

Leon will be 11 months tomorrow and is the most gorgeous, sunny natured little boy.
He makes us laugh so much with his cute antics.....what a sense of humour!

Leon has only learnt to stand like this in the last week and now he's a bit of an expert....holding on with one hand while leaning down to pick something up from the floor...and today he was holding a toy in the same hand that was holding the playpen but he couldn't get a proper grip and so he swapped the toy to the other hand but he still wanted have one hand free, so he popped the toy in his mouth and voila!! Boy did he grin at his own cleverness.

And standing on one leg is fun too...and gets a good response from his sister and brother.

Darcy has played rugby for our local school for the last 4 years (only 1 of those years while he was attending the school) and last week they had their sports prizegiving.
We always enjoy going as it gives us a chance to see people we haven't seen in a while....and of course celebrate the children's achievements.
Darcy was fortunate to be chosen MVP for his team. What a proud moment for Mama! :)

Is that a Marmite sandwich you're hiding there Leon?

My two darling boys.

Clever clogs baby......holding on to the playpen, tiptoeing and making his latest cute face.

Look Mama, one hand!

Darcy's 10th birthday. He and Hannah had so much fun putting together the Lego sets that we got him. He got a card and $50 Australian from his Dad which was a super birthday surprise.

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